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Los tiempos bobos ... la restauRACIÓN ... de corrupción ... #yseguimos [★🇪🇸] PISA 2015 Results (Volume IV) Students' Financial Literacy ... #YloROBANloROBAN

Benito Pérez Galdós

Hoy traemos a este espacio, el informe PISA 2015 Results (Volume IV)
Students' Financial Literacy ...
ya ven como anda España!!! ... #asinosrobanyrobandesde ... ya Galdós nos lo avisaba como podéis leer arriba en 1912 en sus Episodios Nacionales ... así nos presentan el informe:

The OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) examines not just what students know in science, reading and mathematics, but what they can do with what they know. Results from PISA show educators and policy makers the quality and equity of learning outcomes achieved elsewhere, and allow them to learn from the policies and practices applied in other countries. PISA 2015 Results (Volume IV): Students’ Financial Literacy, is one of five volumes that present the results of the PISA 2015 survey, the sixth round of the triennial assessment. It explores students’ experience with and knowledge about money and provides an overall picture of 15-year-olds’ ability to apply their accumulated knowledge and skills to real-life situations involving financial issues and decisions.

Over the past decades, developed and emerging countries and economies have become increasingly concerned about the level of financial literacy of their citizens, particularly among young people. This initially stemmed from concern about the potential impact of shrinking public and private welfare systems, shifting demographics, including the ageing of the population in many countries, and the increased sophistication and expansion of financial services. Many young people face financial decisions and are consumers of financial services in this evolving context. As a result, financial literacy is now globally recognised as an essential life skill.

Unas coplillas andaluzas para animar un poquillo mientras se lee la educación , en España ... nada más de actualidad que aquellos fines 60 y 70 ... hoy un siglo después de los escritos fundamentales para comprender España de Galdós ..

"YO NO creo q el sombrero les toque en la tómbola a esos gachós trajeaos q viven de ná que lo roban, lo roban, lo roban, lo roban, con cuantro palabritas finas lo roban ... y da igual 2 q ahora 4, una especie de holograma duplicao del par ... #noMAS

...para más información, tambien os traemos aquí abajo el informe completo.

 Fuente: [OECD]

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